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Work Note         Dedicated to Jean-Marie Cottet
Year Composed     2021
Instrumentation       Piano and electronics
Duration                12’
Publisher                 Universal Edition

Création for CD  "Axis Mundi" Hélène Pereira  

First performed 15 October 2021, by Hélène Pereira  

Programme  Note

sillage \si.jaʒ\ 

In Sillage, the resonances of clusters are stretched by the 3rd pedal and electronics rise up in the air and intertwine. The sounds have ghostly and suave trail, like a perfume of an extremely enivrant and enchanting facets of notes, close to the skin and body. Resonant notes and played notes mingle, creating the moirages of the «resonance waves» and its ethereal waves interlace and evaporate into space, creating the sensation of a suspended time and dissolving towards the infinite horizon of a sea of sensuel slowness. 

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